las vegas wedding photo booth rental

wedding booth

photo booths provide an immediate enhancement to any wedding reception. because of this, over 50 percent of our booked events are wedding rentals.


our setup is modern, clean, and inviting to ensure seamless integration with your venue and your theme. to assist guests with the booth, you will have an on-site attendant that is sociable, professionally dressed, and clean-cut.  we know how much time, effort, and money goes into successfully planning and executing a wedding, and because of that, we take extra care to provide the best product possible. 

why a wedding photo booth?

both the wedding party and guests alike will love having a photo booth at your reception. it’s well-known that people dress their best at weddings, and what could be a more perfect way to showcase their attire than by capturing numerous pictures in a booth alongside their closest friends? the experience is elevated with the use of a studio flash and a diverse selection of amusing props.

furthermore, your guests will receive printed copies of their pictures, complete with a custom photo booth strip overlay, serving as a personal memento to take home and cherish as a lasting memory of this remarkable occasion.

bridemaids thowing cash in a photo booth in las vegas at The Hilton Lake Las Vegas.

preparing for pictures

between the excitement of the day, the first dance, dinner, and the garter toss, time will fly by at your wedding reception.  because of this, it is easy to lose track of time.  below is a simple guide to help optimize the photo booths usage so all host and guests get ample time to use it!  of course this is just a guide, and every wedding is different!

reception guest

cocktail hour: generally lasting 30 minutes to an hour, this is a perfect time for guests to grab drinks, appetizers, and get a couple of sessions in at the booth. because this time period generally isn’t extremely busy at the booth, it gives people, couples in particular, a great chance to take their time and pose for some really nice and formal pictures.

dance and celebration: after the first dance and parent dances conclude, and the dance floor opens up, a line will form exceedingly fast for the photo booth. now is a good time for guests to let their inner wild side out and pick their favorite photo booth props, wear a unique hat, throw on some bling, start tossing faux cash, to create the funniest and most memorable pictures they can.

guest will most likely continue to use the photo booth the rest of the night.

bridesmaids and groomsman

after having time to meet and greet all the guest, giving their speeches, and getting a few dances in, is a good time to hit up the photo booth.  a lot of wedding guest, including the bride and grooms family, will probably want to get a picture with members of the wedding party, and doing this a couple hours before the conclusion of the event is generally ideal!

the bride and the groom

the photo booth serves as a perfect platform for the bride and groom to engage with their guests, have their pictures captured, and bid farewell to early departures. at times, the newlyweds enjoyed using the booth so much, that they spent multiple hours indulging in photo sessions with family, guests, and each other, continuing until the night draws to a close. this preference is entirely personal, with no fixed right or wrong approach.

in instances where the married couple has not yet availed themselves of the booth experience, with approximately 30 minutes remaining, we usually request a member of the wedding party to inquire whether they would like to join in for some snapshots before the evening concludes.

other add-ons

we offer a variety of inclusions or add-ons, depending on the package, that can contribute to your photo booth rental.

scrapbook: available as an add-on, or included in the event gold package, a scrapbook is a black book filled with blank pages that guests can leave a copy of their picture, as well as sign and leave a message to the bride and groom.  our standard scrap book features a faux leather cover, and black pages with 2×6 nooks, specifically made for photo booth strips.  we will provide metallic gel pens for use.

photo book: for this option, we go through all pictures post event, pick out the best ones, edit them, optimize them for print, and then add them into a book making software.  this book usually arrives three weeks after your event.

glam filter:  this is a custom made filter that is gaining in popularity.  after taking a picture, our software will send the picture to photoshop, where it is edited to pre made specs, and then sent back to our photo booth for printing and texting.  the whole process takes about 7 seconds.  a glam photo booth filter lets us control things such as contrast, smoothness, clarity, and sharpness.  you can read more about them on our glam blog.

props table

we use a 6′ props table, covered with tight black fabric to provide a visually appealing and high-end look.  if you prefer for us to use a host-provided cover or venue-provided table, just let us know before the event, and we can accommodate that.

photo booth props

our photo booth props vary based on package and range from funny signs, wedding specific signs, hats, faux jewelry, movie prop money, gold chains, jumbo glasses, and more.  our event gold package includes the most comprehensive props.

photo booth backdrops

all packages include a backdrop of your preference. our most sought-after backdrops are sequin pipe and drape, including black, gold, silver, champagne, rose gold, and navy blue. we also offer solid white, black, and grey options, alongside a diverse array of graphic wood or floral backdrops. we consistently expand our backdrop selection, and we will certainly keep you informed about new additions!

after the wedding

post-event, within 72 hours, we will have all your photos optimized for screen viewing, edited for enhancement, uploaded to an event gallery, and ready for download.  if the host wants, we can text a link, to all guests who left a phone number, to the gallery for viewing and downloading all high quality photo booth pictures.  we do not charge or watermark your images, so downloading and saving is quick and easy.