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photo booths have a long, and interesting history.  in fact, the first public photo booth, similar to the ones we have today, was located in new york city and began taking pictures in 1925.  for a quarter, a person would receive 8 printed photos.  the picture, the processing, and the printing took north of 10 minutes to complete.  that is a far cry from todays technology.
since then, and especially in the last 20 years, photo booth rentals have exploded in popularity.  below we rank events, by booth popularity, that we are most often hired for.

outdoor photo booth in las vegas at Green Valley Ranch

1. wedding rental

with over 120,000 weddings taking place in las vegas every year, it’s no surprise that wedding photo booth rentals top the list of our bookings.  over 50% of our rentals are for wedding receptions, with the average package ranging from 3 to 5 hours.  on average we take about 300 individual pictures per wedding and send out a gallery link to around 70 people.  february to may and september and november are our most requested dates.  it is recommended to book at least six months in advance if your wedding takes place during this period.  we limit all bookings at one year, but you can get on a list for the first-right-to-refuse if it’s outside of one year and your already looking for a photo booth.  you can read more about weddings here.

2. birthday parties

following closely is the celebration of 15 años. with its roots extending across mexico, spain, and diverse parts of latin america, this cherished tradition enjoys significant popularity in las vegas. the typical quinceañera rental duration spans two to three hours, ensuring consistent bookings year-round. enthusiastic quinceañera attendees readily embrace the photo booth, often resulting in us capturing over 100 pictures per hour. after your event, a link to your event’s photo gallery will be texted to all guests who have provided a phone number. to discover more quinceañera ideas, click here.

the traditional filipino coming-of-age celebration, known as debut 18, stands as another notable event that commemorates grace, accomplishment, poise, and the passage into womanhood. with attendees converging from around the globe to partake in the celebration, our photo booth seamlessly fits in. it facilitates family and friends capturing moments together, forging memories, and departing with a personal keepsake. this ranks as our second most frequently booked birthday celebration.

sweet 16
a birthday celebrated across various regions and cultures, this stride into young adulthood unveils elegant attire, father-daughter dances, accomplishment-oriented speeches, and even thematic decor. as photo booths emerge as a sought-after addition to the festivities, this event secures the third spot among our most booked birthdays.

dirty 30 and non-ceremonial
we culminate our list of popular birthday photo booth rentals with the dynamic “dirty 30” and all other birthday years. every birthday embodies a celebration, ripe for transformation into an exciting gathering. our photo booth augments your festivities with props, photo texting, and everlasting memories.

3. baby shower

baby shower photo booth rentals are gaining popularity as celebrations continue to expand. we provide baby shower-specific props, create a customized start screen with your chosen details, and deliver all images after the event for enduring memories. besides baby showers, numerous clients also opt for a booth at their newborn’s 1-year birthday party.

Corporate photo booth rental in las vegas for coke a cola.

4. corporate photo booth rental

las vegas is a perfect marketing hub for businesses of all sizes.  we have been hired for trade shows, brand activation, sponsored events, and product launches.  a photo booth provides a great opportunity for companies to engage with current and potential customers, seamlessly integrate their branding,  gain engagement and impressions for a low cost.  because of this, corporate rentals are amongst out most popular events. 

5. holiday party

companies throughout las vegas are hosting holiday parties for their employees, investors, customers, and community. not only is a photo booth an excellent addition to elevate the celebration, but it also provides companies with an opportunity to extend their brand reach and offer guests a memorable takeaway. december stands as our busiest month of the year. it’s advisable to secure your photo booth as soon as you confirm your party’s date.  learn more about holiday parties here.

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