Photo Booth Strip Template Ideas

template overview

the standard photo booth template includes a 2×6 strip with three or four images per strip. typically, it includes relevant details like the occasion or the name/names of the celebrant(s), along with the date.

customize your template using colors, graphics, and themes as you prefer. this customization comes with all packages, at no extra charge.

if you’d like to design or provide your own template, we encourage you to do so! just inform us, and we’ll send you the dimensions and format specs.

our event gold package includes the ability to print 4×6 templates, or you can add it to other packages. these templates usually have one large picture, or 3-4 smaller pictures, depending on your chosen style.

below, we offer a small assortment of template ideas for your consideration. feel free to choose an existing template or let us create a unique one tailored to your specific requirements.

template theme ideas


the modern photo booth template is by far the most popular template for weddings.  this style usually makes use of a white background, solid color frames, a simple text divider, and designer fonts.


templates including flowers or roses are highly versatile and can serve various occasions like weddings, birthday parties, debuts, and baby showers.


events with many out-of-state guests frequently opt for a las vegas casino photo booth template. this may include visuals of playing cards, casino chips, coins, and even the welcome to las vegas sign. it’s a great option that your guests will love.


the most favored template for quinceañeras is a royalty style template, utilizing glitter overlays, elegant fonts, diamonds, and regal colors.

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