Couple taking picture with group of friends in photo booth.

The Rental Process

frictionless and seamless

our photo booth booking and rental process is swift and uncomplicated. this page will lead you through the entire process, ensuring you’re aware of what to expect and when. our aim is to seamlessly integrate into your event with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, eliminating any distractions or confusion.

reserving your date

after confirming date availability, we’ll request essential details, such as hostname, event location, event type, event start time, event duration, and package preference. if you’ve submitted an online inquiry, we likely have most of the required information.

next, we’ll send you a booking invoice along with the attached agreement. once the deposit is settled, your date will be secured, and the agreement will become effective.

we recognize that original plans may require adjustments; for example, if you need to change the start time, we can usually accommodate such changes.

template design

once your date is secured and within 10 days of the event, feel free to send us your preferred details for the photo booth template design. provide information on the color scheme, text details, and any desired graphics.

upon receiving the template information, we’ll initiate the design process for your review. a mock draft will be sent as a starting point, and we’ll make adjustments until the final product meets your approval.

if you prefer to design your own template or have one from etsy, you’re more than welcome to share it with us!

background selection

once the template is finalized, we’ll present backdrop options for your consideration. our backdrop selection includes solid white, solid black, sequin black, sequin silver, sequin champagne, sequin gold, sequin blue, and various graphical backdrops. if you have a specific backdrop request, feel free to let us know—time permitting, we can often accommodate it.

if you’re constructing or supplying your own backdrop, simply inform us of the height and width, ensuring we can appropriately design our start screen and print template to complement it.

detail confirmation and balance

a few weeks prior to your event, we’ll contact you with a final detail sheet. this is to ensure the accuracy of the location, start time, template, background, add-ons, and to confirm that no changes or adjustments are needed.

eleven days before your event, an automatic invoice reminder will be sent out for the remaining balance payment.

arrive and set up

we’ll be at your event approximately 75-90 minutes before the scheduled start time, with a setup time of around 50 minutes.

using event-specific tape, we’ll secure and conceal any visible cords, and subsequently, hide or return cases and containers to our vehicle. this ensures a tidy, secure, and professional photo booth area.

after the photo booth is set up, we’ll fine-tune the white balance, adjust lighting and camera settings, and conduct test sessions. once everything is calibrated and ready, we’ll open the booth for your guests to enjoy.

last call and breakdown

around 15-30 minutes before the rental end time, if feasible, we’ll coordinate with the dj to inform guests about the remaining time for the photo booth, encouraging them to capture any final moments.

once the designated end time arrives, we’ll initiate the breakdown process. it’s important to note that we won’t start breaking down before the rental period concludes unless specifically instructed by the event host.

if there are any scrapbooks or extra prints to be handed over to the event host or planner, we’ll take care of that at this point.

the complete breakdown process typically takes approximately 30-45 minutes post-event.

post event

post-event, we will export all individual high-definition photos along with the output template images, enhancing them for optimal screen viewing. these will then be uploaded to an online gallery.

ordinarily, we aim to provide you with the gallery link within 24 hours. however, please note that during busier weekends, it may take up to 3 days.

we’ll inquire if you’d like us to text the gallery link to all your guests who have provided a phone number. this complimentary service can be swiftly executed in a matter of minutes.


if there are any photo books or post-event add-ons requiring delivery, we’ll promptly send them out once they’re completed.

we’ll securely store your photos for a year. should you ever need access, feel free to reach out at any time.

thank you for selecting happy shots photo booth. we recognize the multitude of las vegas photo booths available, and we appreciate your decision to choose us!