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many of our photo booth bookings are for quinceañera celebrations, and we’ve witnessed some fantastic additions and ideas that truly amplify the event’s ambiance and guest enjoyment. here are five of our favorite suggestions:

1. mariachi band
– quinceañeras hold deep cultural significance, and the spirited sounds of mariachi music align perfectly with these celebrations.
– moreover, a mariachi band beautifully honors heritage and showcases your family’s cultural roots.
– furthermore, the vibrant and festive quality of mariachi music can elevate your quinceañera’s atmosphere. its lively melodies, rhythmic beats, and heartfelt vocals energize the event, encouraging guests to dance and celebrate.

2. dj with impressive visuals and lighting
– to elevate your party’s energy, consider a skilled dj and a visually appealing setup that captivates guests.
– dynamic visuals, colorful lights, and synchronized effects create an immersive experience, enhancing the party’s vibrancy. notably, laser lighting and dynamic visuals make for fantastic photo and video backgrounds, increasing social media sharing and event exposure.
– additionally, the large monitor enables djs to display various visuals, from lyrics and animations to live feeds and custom graphics.

3. photo booth
– our photo booth is an ideal addition to your quinceañera, capturing countless memories. it’s consistently in use and remains in high demand.
– plus, guests enjoy a selection of props for unique photos, each printed on a custom template designed by us based on your instructions.
– beyond prints, all pictures are delivered digitally post-event. what’s more, your package includes an online event gallery, easily shareable with guests for downloading, saving, and social media sharing.
– for larger events, our ipad selfie booth and media station, known as a social booth, can be added at a discounted rate. this addition comes with digital delivery, a custom template, gif, video, and boomerang options.

4. mexican corn vendor
– a specialized mexican corn vendor can instantly enhance your event. notably, las vegas offers authentic and delectable corn options from various vendors.
– importantly, this station requires minimal space, ensuring smooth traffic flow for vendors and guests.
– the novelty factor is high, introducing many guests to authentic street food for the first time and adding a touch of uniqueness to your event.

5. themed quince
– while not essential, themed ideas can elevate your event and boost social media photo sharing.
– for instance, the masquerade theme: coordinated masks add mystique and uniformity.
– alternatively, the cowboy theme: subtle accents like cowboy hats, boots, and equestrian imagery create a charming western atmosphere.
– similarly, the princess theme: sparkling tiaras, diamonds, and a profusion of roses create an enchanting and timeless theme.

incorporating any of these suggestions can enrich your quinceañera, making it a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

photobooth at crystal banquet hall

incorporating our open air photo booth

on average, our photo booth gets more usage at quinceañera celebrations than any other private event type we are hired for. it is not unusual for us to take 100 individual pictures per hour of run time. because of that, we have set up several package lengths and optimized our booth’s workflow to ensure the smoothest experience possible for guests. however, we have not sacrificed photo quality. we use a canon camera with proper settings, high-quality format, and a studio beauty dish to achieve beautiful and desirable pictures.

post event wrap up

your experience doesn’t end when the rental is over. post-event we will download every individual picture, optimize them for screen viewing and sharing by making quick lighting and sharpening adjustments, and upload them to an online gallery in high-quality format. additionally, by request of the host, we can send out a link to all attendees directing them to the online event gallery, where they can download, save, and share their photos.

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